Message from Students’ Union President


Abhay Dahiya

I am grateful to all the students for giving me the opportunity to represent them and I assure them that the plethora of grievances that they are having, I will hear them with utmost dedication and   make sure that the voice the students will never be unheard .I will try to  eradicate their problems with the best of my capabilities.





About President

I am very grateful to all the students for providing  me  the opportunity to serve as the President of Students’ union of DCRUST University.I am very thankful to my father Mr. Devender Dahiya who  always stood by me and supported me in every step of my life and also to  my teachers to bless me with  immense knowledge and experience to nourish a path for my future.

I am a student of  MTECH 2nd year(Highway and Safety Engineering)  in this university and I have never thought that I would get this opportunity  because I am a common student just like all other students in  my class.I would be delighted to hear from you about your queries.You can contact me via  below descriptions.

Phone No- 09813920004

Whatsapp No-09813920004

Email Id-