Name of Faculty Member   Designation Highest Qualification Specialization
Dr. Anita Singhrova Professor& Chairperson Ph.D. Wireless Communication, Parallel Computing
Dr. Parvinder Singh Associate Professor Ph.D. Information Security, Data Compression
Dr. Amita Malik Associate Professor Ph.D. Mobile Adhoc and Wireless Sensor Networks, Wireless Networks
Dr. Sukhdip Singh Assistant Professor Ph.D Software Engineering, Computer Architecture
Ms. Suman Assistant Professor M. Tech. Wireless networks, Object Oriented Programming
Ms. Suman Deswal Assistant Professor M.Tech. Networks, Software Engineering
Dr. Dinesh Singh Assistant Professor Ph.D Wireless Networks, Software Engineering
Sh. Ajmer Singh Assistant Professor M.Tech. Database Management, Computer Networks, Software Engineering
Ms. Darshana Kumari* Assistant Professor M. Tech. Security/Cryptology/Networking/Data Structures/Programming Languages
Sh. Sanjeev Indora Assistant Professor M.Tech. Internet concepts, Intelligent Systems
Sh. Rajvir Singh Assistant Professor M.Tech. Computer Networks
Ms. Kavita Rathi Assistant Professor M. Tech. Neural Language Program
Ms. Neetu Verma Assistant Professor M. Tech. Neural Networks
Sh. Jitender Kumar Assistant Professor M. Tech. Computer Networks, Cloud Comuting