Chairman of Department:  

Name:              Dr. Suman Lata

Designation:     Professor  &  Chairperson

Phone:               0130- 2484148

E-mail -id:

The Department of Chemistry has been a constituent part of Applied Science department of this University (erstwhile C.R.S.C.E., Murthal) from 1987 to 2008. In January 2009 the department has got separate existence in this university. Presently department has chemistry labs to cater the needs of undergraduate, postgraduate and research students. Some other departments of the university also take advantages of the facilities available in chemistry lab.

M.Sc. Chemistry

Ph.D. Chemistry

Infrastructural Facilities Available with Department of Chemistry

 Lecture Theater/Seminar/Committee Rooms

  1. Lecture Theater (MV-210)
  2. Committee-cum-Department Library (MV-203)

 M.Sc. Chemistry Labs:

  1. Inorganic Chemistry Lab I & II (MV-208 & MV-209)
  2. Physical Chemistry Lab I & II (MV-206 & MV-207)
  3. Organic Chemistry Lab I & II (MV-204 & MV-205)

B.Tech Chemistry Lab:

  1. B. Tech Chemistry Lab (MV-213)

 Research Labs:

  1. Analytical Chemistry Lab (MV-211)
  2. Physical Chemistry Research Lab (MV-215)
  3. Organic Chemistry Research Lab (MV-214)

Major Research Instruments Available:

  1. Shimadzu UV-Vis Double Beam Spectrophotometer (UV-2450) with temperature controller accessory
  2. Autolab Potentiostat/Galvanostat
  3. Ozone generator (OZ-AIR ISM 20)
  4. Heidolph Rotary evaporator
  5. Julabo Chiller (working temperature up to –90oC)
  6. Buchi Melting Point Appratus
  7. Metrex Muffle furnace (working temperature up to 1400o C)
Name of Faculty Member   Designation Highest Qualification Specialization
Dr. Pratibha Chaudhary Professor Ph.D. Physico-organic studies, Polymer Chemistry, Green Chemistry
Dr. Sanjeev Makin Professor & Chairperson Ph.D. Solution thermodynamics, Thin oxide films, Energy from waste, Bio-technology, Global Warming & Reduction
Dr. Suman Lata Associate Professor Ph.D. Corrosion, Thermodynamics
Dr. Hari Om Assistant Professor Ph.D. Optical Spectroscopy, Co-ordination and Organo-transition metal, Physico-chemical studies of surfactant system
Dr. Sumit Kumar Assistant Professor Ph.D. Organic & Bio-organic Chemistry
Dr. Sonia Nain Assistant Professor Ph.D. Analytical, Inorganic synthesis & Organometallic
Dr. Rajender Singh Malik Assistant Professor Ph.D. Polymer Composite, Nano Composite & Fuel Cell (PEM)
Dr. Dinesh Kumar Assistant Professor Ph.D. Phosphors materials
Dr. Krishan Kumar Assistant Professor Ph.D Thermodynamics Studies