Chairman of Department:  

Name:               Dr. Anil Berwal

Designation:     Professor  & Chairman

Phone:               0130- 2484037

E-mail -id:

The Center of Excellence for Energy and Environmental Studies (CEEES) at this University was established in the year 2009. The faculty members are engaged in extensive research in the frontier areas of Energy and Environmental Sciences, with an aim to promote lab to field research.  The laboratories are well equipped with all the modern instruments and facilities to provide high end research in different specializations of Energy and Environment.

The CEEES center also provides elective courses for B.Tech. programmes in areas of Non-conventional Energy Sources, Energy Ecology and Environment, Direction Energy Conversion Methods and Environment Impact Assessment. In addition to the curriculum projects, the Center is also involved in a project to set up an Energy Park in the University campus, and in a project proposal to invite installation of a 500KWp solar photovoltaic power generation system for use by the University primarily.

M.Tech Renewable Energy

M.Sc. Environmental Sc.

1. Atomic Absorption Spectophotometer (01)
2. Respirable dust sampler (01)
3. Flame photometer with compressor (01)
4. UV- VIS Spectrophotometer(01)
5. Stack monitoring kit (01).
6. High Volume sampler/Dust Sampler (03)
Other Instruments like: Hot plate, Jar tester, Pathologic microscope, Autoclave, pH meter, Conductivity Meter, Double distillation unit, Oven, BOD Incubator, Kjeldal apparatus, water testing kit.

1. Wind Turbine Emulator (01)
2. Solar PV Grid Tied Training system (01)
3. Solar Concentrator Training System (01)
4. Solar Thermal Training system (01)
5. Solar PV Training and Research System (01)

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Name of Faculty Member   Designation Highest Qualification Specialization
Dr. A.K. Berwal Associate Professor Ph.D. IC Engines, Thermal Engineering
Ms. Anita Singh Assistant Professor M. Tech. Wastewater Treatment
Dr. S.P. Nehra Assistant Professor Ph.D. Solar Energy, Hydrogen Energy, Gas Sensing and Photocatalytic Activity
Dr. Sudesh Chaudhary Assistant Professor Ph.D. Heavy Metal Chemistry
Dr. Nisha Kumari Assistant Professor Ph.D. Renewable Energy
Ms. Jyoti Rani Assistant Professor M. Tech. Bioremediation, EIA

Research and Publications