Chief Warden (Boys’ Hostels)  Prof. Sukhdeep Singh


Boys’ Hostels Warden
K.S. Krishnan Hall  Mr. Sanjeev Indora
Chandrashekhar Hall Dr. Pardeep Singh
Hargobind Khurana Hall Dr. Pardeep  Sharma
Aryabhatt Hall Mr. Saravjeet Singh
Chief Warden (Girls’ Hostels) Dr. Gitanjali Pandove          
Girls’ Hostels Warden
Gargi Hall Mrs. Manta Bhagat
Kalpana Chawla Hall Mrs. Rajni
Mother Teresa Hall Dr. Sudesh Chowdhary



Hostel accommodation is provided to all needy students. Normally, a student whose residence is within a radius of 30 km of University Campus may not be provided any hostel accommodation, in particular the male students. There is a mess-cum-kitchen unit in each hostel. Mess is run by a student’s body on cooperative basis under the guidance of the respective Warden. The entire affairs related to hostels are dealt with by a council of Wardens headed by the Chief Warden, with inputs from students committees of the respective hostel.

Every hostel has a spacious furnished common room with TV and dish antenna connection. A billiards room is also functional in boys hostel premises.  The Hostels are in the process of being linked with campus wide networking. At present, there is Wi-Fi connectivity in all hostels. In addition to this, each hostel has a badminton court and a table tennis room. State-of-the-art tennis academy has also been established between BH-II & BH-III. The number of rooms in each hostel are as follows:

Name of the Hostel Capacity
K. S. Krishnan Hall 276
Chandrashekhar Hall 276
Hargobind Khurana Hall 276
Aryabhatt Hall 276
Gargi Hall 150
Kalpana Chawla Hall 400
Mother Teresa Hall 290

Residents should desist from breaking the proper channel for addressing any of their grievances; rather they should stick to the following order for redressal of their complaints / grievances with regard to hostel / mess:GRIEVANCE ADDRESSING MECHANISM IN HOSTELS

  • First of all, residents need to enter the complaint in the relevant Complaint Register kept in the mess (or with the Supervisor).
  • If the complaint is not addressed in a reasonable time-frame, then residents may speak to the Mess and / or the Hostel Supervisor.
  • If the problem still remains un-resolved, they then need to talk to the concerned Warden (and also to Disciplinarian-cum-Counsellor, if the problem is related to discipline). It is advisable to give a written application to the Warden about the grievance, also explaining therein as to which officials they had already approached & as to what was their response.

In case the problem still persists, a written application may be submitted to the Hostel Supervisor / Clerk in Chief Warden Office (Boys) in case of Boys Hostels and to the office of Chief Warden (Girls) in case of Girls Hostels.