List of Various Scholarships   : 10th July 2019

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No. 20/2/07-4TE—The Haryana State Counselling Society has been created by the Government vide Notification No. 20/2/07-4TE dated 21st March, 2007 as a single window agency for making admission in AICTE approved Technical courses and promotion of Technical Education in the State. One of the laudable objectives of the Society is to make provision for scholarships/Freeships for students pursuing  Master and Doctorate programmes in these courses in the State of Haryana for attracting talen in Technical Education and to add to the teaching and research pool covering M.Tech. programme.  The following is the detail of scholalrships/freeships:
1.    M.Vishvesvariya Scholarship

i) B.E./B.Tech/B.Arch. course

ii)Upto Rs. 40,000/- per student per year or actual tuition fee whichever is less

iii)Topper of each branch in each Institute

2.  Sir M.Vishvesvariya Scholarship

i) MBA course

ii) Upto Rs. 25,000/- per student per year or actual tuition fee whichever is less

iii)Topper of each  Institute
3.  Arya Bhatta Research Scholarship

i) M.Tech.

ii) Upto Rs. 40,000/- per student per annum or actual tuition  fee which ever is less Plus Rs. 5000/- per month for contingency and Boarding and Lodging

iii) The candidate should have valid GATE Score.  If sufficient no. of such candidates are not available then others shall be considered who shall be evaluated by the committee on the criterion given below:-

Weightage of Academic merit (in Marks)

10th Class 12th  Class B.Tech Total
   20   20  30   70
10 marks for 60% and 1 mark for each 4% above 60% 10 marks for 60% and 1 mark for each 4% above 60% 10 marks for 60% and 1 mark for each 4% above 60% 10 marks for 60% and 1 mark for each 4% above 60%

4.  Merit Scholarship

Minutes of IInd meeting Board of Governors held on 13.4.1988

            Item No. 2.29            To grant Merit Scholarship to the students.

             Resolved that the grant of Merit Scholarship at the rate of Rs. 600/- per semester to 10% top students of each discipline on the basis of University examination Result be approved.
5.GATE Scholarship         

 In pursuance of the Policy Framework for promotion of Post Graduate Education and Research in Engineering & Technology, recently announced by Ministry of Human Resource Development, the All India  Council        for Technical     Education invites proposal from Government/Government Aided/Self financing Institution for financial Assistance for Post Graduate students enrolled in ME/M.Tech. programmes.

i) Scholarship @ Rs. 5,000/- per month per students (only for GATE qualified candidates)     

ii) Contingency grant of Rs. 5,000/- per annum per programmes.

iii) Library grant of Rs. 10,000/- per annum per programmes.
The institution may apply along with details of institutions and details of admission made with GATE score Card of each individual candidate for whom the financial assistance is claimed latest by  20th  January 2003 to the Member  Secretary , AICTE, New Delhi.
Member Secretary
AICTE,New Delhi.
Note:    Only those  students enrolled in ME./M.Tech. are eligible for grants, and who are otherwise not getting any scholar ship /contingency from any other sources.
6.  Kalpana Chawla Scholarship

Minutes of the meeting to frame a scheme about Kalpana Chawla Memorial scholarship held on Monday i.e. 22.9.2003 P.M. in the O/o Director, Technical Education, Haryana.
The meeting was exclusively called to frame a scheme about the Kalpana Chawla memorial scholarship as decided by the council of Ministers in its meeting held on 14.2.2003 that the Technical Education Department will award five scholalrships, known as Kalpana Chawla memorial scholarships at the Rs. 2000/-per month to be given for our years to those girl students who belong to Haryana State and secure to five position in the Entrance Test among the students admitted in the Engineering Colleges in the State.  The matter was discussed in detail and the following scheme has been framed about the Kalpana Chawla memorial scholarship.

i) Out of five sch. One scholarship will be given to the first girl topper  who will be admitted in the NIT, Kurukshetra by the test conducted nu CBSE, being NIT, Kurukshetra as one of premier technical institution in the State.  The other four scholalrships will be awarded to the first four girl topers of Common Engineering Entrance Test of the State andwho will be admitted to the various Engineering Institutions  in the State.

ii) If out of these five girls topers, if any candidate opts for admission in the course of B.Arch. which is a five years duration course then the scholarship will be given four five years instead of for five year  as in the case of other  courses.

iii) The scholar ship will be paid six monthly and that also after the declaration  of the result of the semester examination . If any girl candidate has not obtained  1st.division or more than 60% marks in aggregate (whichever is higher) and pass in 1stchance then the scholarship will be given to the next topper girl candidate of the same university fulfilling the above condition and the same process will be repeated at every stage.

iv) In case of tie the number of scholarships will not exceed beyond five and procedure for deciding the merit of Girl candidate will be same as per the criteria adopted for admission in the prospectus.

v) For the purpose of this scholarship there will be no reservation on account of income /caste /age/ religion etc.  The scholarship will be awarded purely on merit of the Girl candidates.

vi) The Girl candidate for the purpose of this scholarship should possess the Haryana Domicile and the eligibility for the same will be decided as per the norms prescribed for the admissions in the prospectus.

vii) The scholarship will be over and the any other type of scholarship .

viii) The scholarship will be subject to termination if any girl candidate found to be indulged in misbehaving /indiscipline

7. Important Instructions:

This form is meant for those scholars who were in receipt of scholarships under the above noted scheme in the previous year and who desire to apply for “Renewal”of their scholarship during the current year for the completion of   continuous course of study at a same stage of education (e,g, B,A,2nd year on passing the B.A.1year ,B,E.111 year on passing the B.E.11 year . Internship /housemenship on passing the M.B.B.S.,ect.)

Those who have completed a stage education (e.g.. Pre-University, Pre Engineering , Pre-Medical intermediate, Digree , Diploma courses ) and who , desire to apply for higher courses of study (e.g.B.A. after pre-university /M.B.B.S.after passing Inter –Science //Pre-Medical ,B.E. after passing Inter / Pre-Engineering etc.) should sent their application on the prescribed form ment for fresh candidates.  Should not use this form.

This application duly complete must reach throught the Head of the institution concerned to the Director of public instructions , Haryana , Chandigarh immediately after the annual examination result declared but not later than30th September each year in ant case .  The application should not be sent to the government of India .  Incomplete application or application received after the prescribed date will not be considered.

Applicant is warned that if he / she submits the application by giving false statements.

Wrong information or otherwise obtains scholarship through fraudulent means , he/she will be blacklisted and debarred for scholarship for ever under this or any other scholarship scheme.  The scholarship amount already paid will also be recovered.

In view of the observation made by Hon’ble Vice Chancellor, it is submitted as under:-

There are eight types scholarships which are being given to the students.

1. Top 10% Scholarship:-

The sanction for the year 2007-08 has been issued vide endst. No. ECRUST/Merit Sch./661-664 dated 13.3.2009 for disbursement of the scholarship.

2. M.Vishvesvariva Scholarship (B.Tech.):-

The Cheques of the concerned students have been disbursed.

3. M.Vishvesvariva Scholarship (M.B.A.):-

The Cheques of the concerned students have been disbursed.

4. Arya Bhattta Scholarship (M.Tech.):-

The cheques of the concerned students have been disbursed.

5. S.C. Post Matric Scholarship:-

The scholarship for the year 2007-08 of S.C. students has not been received from Distt. Welfare Office, Sonepat  so far , which is likely to be received in the end of March, 2009.

6. B.C. Post Matric Scholarship:-

The scholarship for the year 2007-08 of B.C. students has not been received from Distt. Welfare Office, Sonepat  so far , which is likely to be received in the end of March, 2009. 

7. Kaplana Chawla Scholarship:-

8. Gate Scholalrship:-The above position may kindly be brought to the notice of Hon’ble Vice Chancellor.

he scholarship forms alongwith other documents has been sent to the AICTE, New Delhi vide office letter No. DCRUST/GATE Sch./3854 dated 1.5.2008 .  It is also mentioned here that three reminder no.DCRUST/Acad11606 dated 7.10.2008, No. DCRUST/Acad./14687 dated 11.12.2008 and No. DCRUST/Acad./488 dated 9.1.2009   have been issued to AICTE, New Delhi to release the GATE Scholarship. The matter was also discussed in the AICTE office and they have informed that the case file’s under process in the Audit Deptt. In this connection it is intimated that the scheme of Kalpana Chawla scholarship was introduced by the State Govt. for the First five topper girls of Commen Engg. Entrance Test of the state.  Now the same has not been conducted by the State Govt. and admission is being on basis AIEEE Exam. in this Univ. moreover no names of the toppers girls students has been intimate by the Director Technical Education Haryana during this year.